Thursday, November 15, 2012

Home? Almost.

We are sitting in our new camper, exhausted but happy (and perhaps a little tipsy from the bubbles - any excuse you know!). The walk through identified a few minor (very, very minor) problems, which were all taken care of quickly and professionally. Even the things we said "is there a ?" - before we knew it there it was. Even though it wasn't promised in the first place. We've never had quite the same service when trading in. I mean, even the front steps were newly painted. We are impressed.

My mp3 player is playing through the sound system, the dogs are fed and sleeping in their spots by the fire. Grace is happily preening, her little crop filled with french fries. Carm is reading his email on his tablet, his belly also filled with french fries, and KFC. So I guess the home fires are burning (but not flickering - more info about that tomorrow).

The next big test is of the Sleep Number bed - what's your number? The bed might be a challenge for Spike though. It is VERY tall at the end, due to an unfortunately placed step. He'll have to come up the side, but it is also missing a jump off point that was used in the other camper. Poor wee guy. He's so tired from looking out the window all day, and now he'll have trouble getting into bed. Doesn't your heart just bleed for the wee (spoiled rotten) guy?

We did the walk through and then unloaded the rest of the stuff from our old camper to new. I will admit to having to turn my back a few times as sadness overcame me. I know I'll come to love the new one, but gosh, I loved the 29. It was a good camper to us, seeing us through many good times. This camper will do that too, and it is already starting to feel like home.

Heart and Soul... this is where I'll sign off to finish sipping my champagne (any excuse you know!).

Happy Tails!

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  1. A "toast" to you and your new home. Happy house warming... and wishing you many, many happy miles and experiences together.