Sunday, November 11, 2012


poppyCarm turned on the Remembrance Day service at about 10:45. I had a few minutes to reflect on the lives of those who served for our country. Sadness washed over me – it seemed as if the emotions of so many were borne on the wind. I stood at the window and let the tears flow blurring my vision. I thought of the mothers sending their sons into the unknown, and worse, getting the notice that they were lost and perhaps in one of the unmarked graves that sanctified the earth. Husbands leaving wife and child. So much lost.

As the service started I turned to watch the tv. Old men stood with time-worn faces that showed little emotion. They were trained soldiers after all. But their eyes seemed haunted. What memories were reeling through their minds? What fallen friends were missed? Do they ever get the bloody visions of war out of their thoughts? I wept for them.

After the fly by of the F18s on tv I ran outside to see if I could see them. In years past they have flown right over our house so I figured the odds were good. Well, I waited and waited (and froze), finally I gave up and came inside. I wasn’t in for more than a few minutes when I heard a roar over the house – I ran out in my bare feet but couldn’t see them. I guess they were long past by the time the sound came to me. When I was back inside I could hear them in the distance, so I put on some shoes (it was near zero and the ground was wet) and went back outside – this time they were too far north, but I could hear them clearly. Oh well. I guess hearing them is almost as good. It sent chills down my spine.


By now you may be thinking that all I do is cry! I don’t actually cry all that often – honest!

After the service I started poking through the piles of stuff from the camper to see what I could purge. I managed to pull out quite a bit of stuff… I feel calmer. It will be okay. It will be a challenge and I love challenges!

Merikay asked me why we are doing this since we love our old camper so much. An excellent question, but one that doesn’t have a logical answer!

  • our camper is a 2004 so we wanted to trade in for something newer while it is in such good condition and is still worth a bit
  • the new camper is a bit longer, but it has two slides (room extensions) across from each other in the living room which makes for a spacious room (good for dogs and people). There is also a slide in the bedroom
  • we got carried away
  • we were attracted to the two power awnings
  • I may have been a bit manic (which would explain yesterday and the day before of total meltdown, and that now I’m 100% fine again) 
  • we really like this brand of rv but they don’t make them anymore so we want to get one while we can (yeah, okay, there will always be some up for sale). The new one is the newest model made (2010) by Titanium before Glendale folded.
  • I might have been a bit manic
  • the new trailer has tons of bells and whistles. Not only is it a nice brand of rv, it is loaded with all the options plus more. I like nice stuff!
  • we went to an rv sale and got caught up in wanting something nicer. Then on a rainy day we went to an rv dealer and saw a nice rv (but giant and expensive)
  • we wanted a bigger fridge (the new one has a 10cf fridge vs our old 8cf)
  • I worked out where all the storage matches up and where things will go before we went to see it (I thought). I forgot some of our cupboards. And the basement is a bit smaller. And it is short one storage area outside. But in my mind it all fit. Until I started emptying the 29
  • we really like the new one
  • I can hardly wait to get it home so that I can start making it ours

teacup vintage image GraphicsFairy8lv


Today was a teacup day. Sometimes it is nice to get out some pretty things!



One must always maintain one's connection to the past and yet ceaselessly pull away from it.
Gaston Bachelard

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