Sunday, November 25, 2012

Poof go the Puffs

It seems that the days are melding into each other with not much to note. Friday we worked on fixing the "fireplace" on the camper. The light and heating worked, but the fan that makes the "flames" flicker wasn't working. Carm oiled it and spun it to no avail. After it was all put back together we closed up the camper... with a few trials and tribulations. We have a few big pieces, the coffee table and Grace's big outside cage, that will have to ride between the slides... but big problem... they don't fit. I guess we are going to have to do some thinking about how to work it out, but it was getting towards the end of the day and the weather was getting worse by the minute. So in the meantime we shoved a bunch of stuff against the back window and got the slides in. After all that the only thing to ease my mood was a hot bubble bath with favorite music playing - oh, and a DQ chocolatey blizzard (thank you Carm).

Saturday was the always dreaded day - poodle hair cut day. It had been 11 weeks!!! since the last one, I've never left them that long so their hair was thick and long. Luckily there wasn't any matting on their bodies, just some on Spike's tail. They look so different all sleeked up, and with such pretty faces. Spike was looking quite scruffy before the blades did their work. Then everyone got their nails clipped and a bath. They were pretty sick of us by the end of it all! But they are so good and don't really give us any grief.

Today I picked up Trudie and drove down to the Morrisburg flea market for a hair cut and some poking around. Ten bucks for the hair cut is a great deal and it is fun to find little treasures in the mountains of junk stuff. I picked up 6 beat up silver knives for $3. They cleaned up not too badly and will be nicer than that Ikea stuff I have on the camper. I also got an old (antique) bowl that I will use on the camper for serving things - it is a brown and white pattern with little birds on the rim - all for $5. It had been marked $28 (and I never would have even considered buying it at that), but Trudie noticed the crazing (which won't affect my planned use) and talked him down. She's brutal! It is going to look lovely on the Tardis's table.

The naming is not totally settled. The model of camper is a Mystique, and looking on wiki it seems that Mystique is one of the Marvel X-men characters. It isn't clear if she is a good guy (but it is clear that she was a villain). Her name is Raven Darkholme - so I figure the camper should be called Raven. We do have a bird theme going on in our decor so it really fits in. Carm's not buying in though.

First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.
Thomas Kempis