Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Journey Begins

i3866:20 - we pulled out of the laneway and drive down the bumpy road. It was pitch dark, with perhaps just a hint of light. Thirty minutes later and we were bumping down the 416. It is a pretty new road, but is like driving down a wash.

I'm a bit bleary eyed from getting up so early (5:18!), and from the hours spent awake vibrating with excitement. I had visions of fabrics, cupboards, and piles of stuff whirling through my head. I've always felt my excitement keenly. Carm is usually less emotional about things like this, but this time he is pretty excited as well. I'm savouring every minute and storing it away for the darker days.

7:10 - we've merged onto the 401, right on schedule. This part of the 401 is (relatively) easy. Toronto is the hard part... Next stop - service center for the facilities, coffee, and a breakfast sandwich (for Grace of course!). Spike is still looking out of the window, Bella and Kabira are asleep, Grace is chipping away at her carrier so that she can bite Carm.

8:09 - with stomachs full and legs stretched we were on the 401 again. Grace didn't eat her breakfasst bits, but maybe later once she is more settled. Her carrier is strapped to the console between Carm and I. Unfortunately it isn't quite high enough to give her a good view - 4 inches would probably do the trick - I'll have to see if there is anything in the trailer that would do the trick.

10:00 - freaked out, OMG! I can't find the keys for the trailer anywhere... I must have left them at home... and yes, after thinking about it, I switched coats just as we went out the door. I can remember putting them into the pocket... Quickly send an email to Eric to make sure he can get us into the camper (which still has a bunch of our stuff in it). A quick answer back said "No Problem". Relief...

11 am entering toronto

omg - even spike was stressed. Once we hit the smell of to Spike started to fuss. All the big trucks passing us rattled him. Thank goodness Carm can tune it out.

12 noon - just off the 410, gassed up, beasts watered... 2 hours to go

1 2:55 they have camels! Spike is still looking out the window, but he didn`t see the camels.

I love my Harry Potter map/Google Maps.

1:45 pm - We are about 10 minutes away so I'll post this now. Sorry for any typos, between the bumps and the glare on the screen it is a bit of a tough job!

Happy Tails!

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