Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On the Other Side

am... on the other side of the mountain
We are well on the home side of Toronto. I don't normally pray, but when we were surrounded by transport trucks going 110km it seemed like the right thing to do. The 401 was loaded with transports today, there were great long lines of them... scary. When I think that in 1 1/2 weeks we'll be going through again - towing a trailer each way - my stomach lurches. Just please greater being - keep the snow away - give us the November weather that we had last year when the days spiked up into the 20s (Celsius that is). I suppose it will be good practice for our trip west... or it will turn us off of wanting to make the trip at all.

Since most of the trip is along the boring 401 we decided to take a little detour and drive for a bit along Lakeshore drive on Lake Ontario. We had a lovely drive and ended up driving through Port Hope and then Coburg (where we stopped for A&W - such frosty rootbeer is not to be had anywhere else). It was a good break from the monotony of the highway. And so we made our way home, thoughts of our new trailer in our minds. We've got the music playing (Dire Straits at the moment). The truck is comfortable, the seats are warm and we are full. A nap would be nice.

5pm... we are home

The dogs went crazy - they cried and cried. Grace whistled and sang. Home.

It was a long trip but I think it was worth it. Going somewhere that specializes in what you want takes so much of the running around and wondering away. There must have been at least one trailer of every length and layout. All Titaniums :-) I would have said that we aren't normally brand loyal, but I would be wrong. We have been very satisfied with our previous Ti's and also like the features that they have. Simple things like dual control landing legs, individual slide controls (that's so you can move each slide/room addition individually), the nose design, and the general quality. They are luxe without being over the top.

The other brand we will most likely be loyal to is Subaru. Our car has been fantastic - it is 14 years and with 413,000km - we can only hope that the next one will be so good.

bedroom of new Ti - sleep number bed!

Last night we stayed at the Travellers Inn, not a bad little spot for the price. I would have had a good sleep but I was WAY too excited. My mind raced from storage cupboard to storage cupboard, wondering how I am going to pack all the stuff we have. I have a problem though, in that spaces get bigger in my mind after I leave them. So everything might not fit at all. But as I'm lying there in the middle of the night I can't stop arranging - my mind just wouldn't shut off.

Merikay mentioned taking sleeping pills when they went to New Zealand - I'm already onto it and have the prescription filled. I should have tried it last night! But tonight perhaps the bubbles will do the trick ;-)

Happy Tails!

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