Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Photo Essay–New Camper

Here are a “few” photos of the conversion from our Titanium 29e34rl and the new Titanium 30e35sa. It was a process!

We haven’t settled on a name for it/him/her yet, but there are 3 in the running so far: Tardis (Dr. Who) ; Brownie (cow – cottage on wheels, and it is a bit brown so brownie, a good name for a cow) ; or Howie (home on wheels). Any suggestions? Please!

I spent a few days unloading all the stuff from the 29. There was tons of stuff and I started to freak out a bit (okay, a lot) as I knew there wasn’t as much storage on the new camper.


A break with the dogs. The mornings are frosty these days, but luckily for us the weather held out so that we could pick up the new camper. No snow yet! I’ve even been lucky enough to be able to leave the slides out so we can get all settled in.
20121112_dogs_002The poodles are way overdue for a hair cut, but I’ve been putting it off until we were back from getting the new camper – I wasn’t sure if they’d need their hair for the sleepover.
On the night we picked it up: Morry’s had us all hooked up so that we could spend the night. I brought a few things along to make it feel (a bit) like home then we settled down for some junk food and a quiet night.
20121116_drive-home_001On our drive home on Friday. Carm did a good job getting us there and back, and especially getting us through Toronto in one piece. It was a pretty tiring few days though – I’m not sure we’d want to do more than 2 long driving days in a row – something to think about for our trip next summer (anything good to see in Thunder Bay? It might be a good spot for a day layover).


Trunk Man vintage Image GraphicsFairy008b

Now the jigsaw puzzle starts. How to fit X amount of stuff into x amount of storage…

Gulp. This and more has to shoehorn in…

20121119_all-unpacked_003(Mostly) all done. I’d like a slightly different fabric for the pillows but I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out. It is much fancier than what we have at home, but since we’ll be camping… I guess we should be pretty formal? We took one of the recliners out to make room for Grace’s cage, which we haven’t put it in yet as we’d like to find a non-toxic paint to freshen it up.

I love the hardwood floors and imagine that it will be much easier to keep things clean.
20121119_all-unpacked_005Doesn’t this look inviting? We will be taking the two back chairs out though and tucking dog beds against the wall. That will leave a bed for Bella and Kabira, Spike will be under Grace’s cage. It will be nice to have the beds all tucked away – no more Bella underfoot!
20121119_all-unpacked_007Kabira was enjoying the fireplace yesterday afternoon. It adds a nice ambience as well as kicking out 1500 watts of heat.
20121119_all-unpacked_009I started to lay out where I want to put the pictures. There isn’t much wall space but I like to have a few things hung up, it makes it seem more like home.

For the kitchen we got hanging thing from Ikea (you can’t see it in the picture above, it is tucked under the counter – the baskets hook onto a rail that is mounted on the wall. It is very flexible and will give some extra counter space. One of the baskets is a cutlery stand – I like to keep the cutlery that we use all the time out of the drawer – the drawers are a bit&% to open!

Once we see how this works out we will install another one on the other wall.

20121119_all-unpacked_018Grace will have two windows to look out of. I think she’ll be very happy here.
20121119_all-unpacked_020We were looking through the pile of manuals looking for the stereo system one. One of our jobs this winter will be to categorize everything into file folders. It would making finding stuff much easier! (and it will give us our rv fix).

Happy happy!

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  1. I really like the rods and basket idea, but the "wall" behind my sink and below the cabinets are all windows. Plus and minus. I like the light and the idea that I can see out from every angle, but nixes something like what you are doing. Also because the space is so limited, I don't want anything on the counter. Lots of stuff makes me uncomfortable. Empty counters are more soothing, and that is what I need. I have always kept everything I need to cook in drawers at the house, and so it is not a problem for me. Also I am really cutting down on the number of implements I use. I only have two hands.

    Keep showing us any new ideas. I love to see how other people do things.