Monday, November 5, 2012

Trailering... Horses that Is

We are on the 401, past Brockville, on our way to look at a trailer. We just stopped in Brockville for a quick breakfast at the traditional McDonalds. We used to stop at this one when we were taking horses to Margs in Picton. We'd get off the 401 at the first exit and drive through the nearly empty industrial area (which is now crowded with big box stores), and pull into the parking lot. There is a good location for a truck and trailer. We'd check on the horses then head in for breakfast.

We were remembering our various trips with the horses. Our first trip with the trailer was with Britt and Viktoria to a long-lining clinic with Olaf Nyby. My friend Deirdre came with us and took her turns with Viktoria (if I were home I'd have a few photos). The next trip was to pick up Rose. It was the end of April so she was still a fuzzy little filly. It was a beautiful day - a perfect one for the 5 hour trip. It was our first long trip with the trailer and we were shocked to watch the fuel gauge drop before our eyes. It cost us a ton of gas!

When we got home, Rose was put in the paddock with Venn who made quick friends with her (after chasing her around a bit). He was just 6 months older than her, and I think he was excited to have someone his own age.

We made many more trips, most uneventful. But one eventful one does come to mind. We had installed a camera system that let us see what was going on in the trailer from the truck. We were driving back from Margs with three bred mares (now that's another story of insanity), including 2 new mares. So they didn't all know each other. Viktoria and Clara were loaded in straight stalls at the front, with Luna in the back. I happened to look at the monitor and saw a little 1/2 buck... it looked like the partition between the front two mares was loosened. So Carm carefully pulled us off the 401 and we got out to look. Sure enough the partition had come off its hinges and was lying against their legs.


I wasn't strong enough to get the job done so Carm squeezed in between two mares who obviously hated each other, with scary transport trucks zooming past,lifted up the partition into place, and got back out of the trailer in one piece. We got back on the road but it wasn't long before I saw the same thing happen. S$%@. Pull over again, get it back in place, this time take a rubber bungie and wrap it around the divider pole so the partition can't jump up. Fixed. And everyone safe and sound. It was truly a testament to Fjord horses good temperament that Carm got out of there safe and sound.

Part 1 of today... more to follow.

p.s please excuse any typos or weird formatting - working a touchscreen while bumping around the highway can be tricky!