Monday, May 20, 2013

Camping at Riverside for First Time This Year

Riverside is our "local" campground that we spend the most time at. It almost feels like home. We had a leisurely morning doing the last minute trip stuff and were on the road not long after 12:30. After checking in and having a visit with Kent (the campground host), we started our set up. It was a bit slower than normal as we figured out the new camper. Everything went well though and it wasn't long before we were enjoying a cold adult beverage. Well... that was the fantasy anyway. Instead we futzed around with satellite setup for what seemed like an eternity... THEN we enjoyed a few sips of our cold drink.

Before we knew it, it was time to harness up the dogs and take them for their little outing. Not a super long walk though as the mosquitos were out in full force. Carm went to say hello to campers from last year, while I took the dogs to the "pooping" field. Of course I had my new camera along (NO! not to photograph poop!). I played around with settings to get a few photos, but with a trio of dogs pulling to go somewhere it was difficult to focus (pun intended) on the landscape.

I've been having Asian food cravings like crazy lately, so for supper I made rice paper wraps with black glutinous rice, snow peas, red pepper, Thai basil and mint, with a spicy peanut dipping sauce. The salad was mushrooms, red pepper, cucumber with a Chinese 5 spice dressing. All good and made better with a bottle of bubbles! I hope I remember how I made everything cause it was good!

Happy Tails!