Friday, May 31, 2013

Rally 2nd Day

What a beautiful day we have had - which is sharp contrast to a few years when we have had cold rain. Today was a day for lots of sunscreen and a hat. By the time we got the dogs out for their long walk this morning it was so warm that they were reluctant to go far - or maybe that was us! Oh - we did see a giant snapping turtle.

As crazy as it sounds we did a quick(ist) trip into Kingston to pick up a few things at Costco (where else), and even Princess Auto. Unfortunately just when we were the hungriest we passed an A&W... after frosty rootbeer and onion rings we were on our way!

The afternoon has been a lazy one with another walk, followed by showers in our new camper! The last camper had an awkward tub/shower thing - this one has a full corner shower - sweet :-)

In just over 1/2 an hour we are off to catch the bus to the dinner cruise! Should be another fun time!

Happy Tails!

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