Friday, July 26, 2013

A Day in Kenora

We had a good long sleep last night but are happy to be staying (mostly) still today. We did have to move sites in the morning, but that was no big deal. (well, it would have been better not to, and better if the people who vacated the spot didn’t wait until the last possible minute to leave… it kept us waiting around until noon).


The dogs and I took our early morning walk down a road with cottages on one side and a narrow mowed verge on the other. It was nice to be away from campsites to stretch our legs. As we rounded a curve in the road there stood a big deer. Oh dear! The dogs were wearing straight buckle collars, no prongs and no harness. They caught sight of it but I quickly backed us out of sight before it ran off and my arms got yanked off! At the same time I remembered the bear warning I read in the campground pages… I was glad it was a deer!

Once we had our breakfast we went for a walk around the park. It is a pretty setting.





Dorothy asked how far our trip is (2022 miles) and how much driving time (36 hours according to Streets). I’m not sure about the driving time as we are making stops, and I’m not tracking how long we stop for. Yesterday we drove 360 miles, starting at 7:15 and arriving at 4:20 – that’s 9 hours on the road, including stops. It was a long day, and felt that way.

Cathey asked us what we do during all those long hours in the truck. Well, we talk; we watch the scenery go by (I can look out the window for hours); we listen to music, sometimes singing along :-o  And Carm drives, keeping us safely on the road and in our lane.

I have to fess up… remember the problem we were having with the truck? Well… after I moved the gps dongle to try for better reception… we haven’t had the problem. It seems I must have had it slightly over the sensor for when to dim the lights (day vs night). It didn’t strike me until yesterday when Carm mentioned something about the sensor, then I realized what had happened! DOOH! Thank GOODNESS we didn’t delay our trip!!!!

After moving, we packed up the dogs into the truck and went for a drive – oh yeah. We drove around Kenora, but the cold winds kept us in the truck. It might have been nice to walk along the harbour, but with temps only 14C (or less), it just wasn’t appealing.


A little diner off the road caught my eye – East Side Diner – bannock burgers our speciality – so we pulled in there for lunch (a benefit of cold weather is that the dogs are safe in the truck). We each had a burger, Carm the East Side special, topped with chili. Of course I had the bannock burger. Oh my, they were the best burgers we’ve had in a very long time. The owner said the meat comes from her brother-in-laws farm and is all natural. The fries were fresh cut and dark brown – yum. I couldn’t even come close to finishing mine, even though I was starving to start.

Also on the menu was a breakfast with perogies and garlic sausage. Hummm…. maybe we’ll have to leave later than planned tomorrow!

It is only 4pm, but this post has already gotten so long…


In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.



DSCN2179Are we there yet?