Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No Wonder I’m Going Crazy… and Taking Carm with Me!

I took a look back at the “camper” to-do list for the last few weeks. These are just the things that we had to fix/change/upgrade on the camper, and doesn’t include all the actions/packing required to actually get out and camp! The good news: the list of big stuff to do to the camper is getting noticeably shorter! But the list of leaving preparations (stuff like washing the camper, preparing food ahead of time, organizing Grace for her time away from us, closing the pool, clipping the poodles, holding mail, notifying credit cards, etc. etc. etc.) is getting longer by the minute.

If I were a normal person, with a better memory, I wouldn’t have to write all these little things down, but I know that I’ll forget things (and maybe something important like unplugging the coffee maker) if I don’t.


I’ve been wondering if writing everything down makes my memory worse! But if I don’t, I can’t sleep as the list of things to remember swirls through my head. I don’t have a smart-phone, but if I did it would beside my bed so I could add the things that pop into my head in the middle of the night. I guess I could use paper, but that is so old-school! Best of all would be an app that takes voice notes…

To-Do Completed for 2nd 1/2 June (yeah Google Tasks!)
  • Monday, Jun 10
  • setup panel carrier
  • fix flush valve
  • Tuesday, Jun 11
  • fix Grace's carrier
  • Thursday, Jun 13
  • make appointment for vaccinations
  • call to reserve Kennel
  • Wednesday, Jun 26
  • order extra camera battery
  • purchase rescue remedy
  • Rabies certificates & heartworm, check for microchips
  • Thursday, Jun 27
  • truck - oil change & fuel filter
  • Saturday, Jun 29
  • review linens & towels
  • install desk hardware
  • initiate XM Radio
  • Sunday, Jun 30
  • install screen door rail
  • small fridge out of trailer
  • clean silverware (+knives)
  • add tank cleaner

    Monday, Jul 1

  • install new battery
  • reorg front compartments (chairs, etc.)
  • fix water pump mount
  • organize bathroom cupboards

    There is something satisfying about a list of crossed off things! I’ve already done a few little things this morning and once Carm is home we hope to get a big one off the list – installing the camera at the back of the trailer. The truck is already in the shop getting its end of things installed, namely the monitor. With this mod we’ll be able to see what’s behind us which will be awesome :-)

    I feel calm… I feel calm… I feel calm… maybe I shouldn’t have had that extra coffee this morning!

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    1. Wow, that is a lot of work:( I almost never have washing the RV on my list:)