Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lindens and Rain

It was mostly an indoor day today with rain beating down on and off all day. We had an outing to the flea market where I got my hair cut. I also got a bunch of cooler bandanas at a really great price. The other day when we were coming here I got Carm to wear a damp towel around his neck as it was just that hot, and he sweats that much! The towel worked wonders and reminded me of the cooler bandanas that I had years ago. I thought they'd be good for us (and the dogs) if we ran into some really hot weather on our trip. And as luck would have it I found a vendor that was willing to bargain ;-)

While we were there we ran into Trudie and Leo so we all headed back to the camper for a quick lunch.

Oh... I've narrowed down the source of my all night stomach aches :-( quinoa. I LOVE quinoa, but it does not like me. AT ALL. Carm did a bit of reading this morning that suggested that even though the stuff I buy is pre-rinsed, it might help to rinse it more, and maybe even soak it for the day with a tiny bit of acid, then rinse it some more. I guess I'm up for trying one more time, but I'm not looking forward to it...

Those trees I mentioned yesterday - Trudie says they are Lindens (I'll have photos tomorrow). The park is dotted with them so I may try to collect some seeds this fall and try planting a few at home.

Happy Tails!