Friday, July 12, 2013

We'll Soon be Roaming

This commercial about Alberta has been playing on the TV at regular intervals. As soon as I hear the first chords of music my innerds twist with excitement. I've downloaded the music into my mp3 player to play for us as our spirits flag during the long drive through the trees and rocks of Northern Ontario.

There are many video versions of the song. I liked the beginning of this version, but tried to ignore the winter scenes! The one playing on the TV now is a pretty good one.

Think of me when you hear it next.

So… Close your eyes and see Gold…
Fields that chase the breeze
Hold… Your eyes up to the trees
Have your ever seen
The sun jumping into a stream
It’s really something to see
Roam!!! Roam!!! Roam!!! Roam

Up into the peaks … of snow
The sky that you can reach
Float Clouds that look to breathe
Rolling along with the creek
It’s really something to see
She’s really something to me
Roam!!! Roam!!! Roam!!! Roam !!!

Open up your eyes Know!!!
Know that we can fly Float!!!
Float into the sky
Along the tops of the trees
Our shadows dance on the seas
Remember to breathe
She’s really something to me
Roam!!! Roam!!! Roam!!!