Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 2–North Bay to Moonbeam

We were up bright and early at 6am this morning as I messed up the alarm clock setting. I’ve got it all fixed up for tomorrow though. We are waking up to  “Here We Go”  – nothing like a burst of excitement to start the morning. Smile


After a leisurely coffee and breakfast we were on our way by 7:15, heading north on highway 11. We were going to take the Superior route but decided on this route out as it is supposedly more direct and faster. We’ll take the long road coming home.

As we were preparing to leave we got hit with some showers, but they stopped fairly quickly. By 10:30 the skies had somewhat cleared giving us a bit of bright sunshine. The clouds waxed and waned all day, ending with heavy clouds with drizzle as we pulled into our destination in Moonbeam.

As we drove north out of North Bay the terrain quickly changed to bush with a mix of poplar, birch and spruce. Dotted with lakes it was pretty.

Around Cobolt we saw signs for the Cobolt Mining Museum, just 7km off the main highway – it didn’t take us long to decide to take a peek. It turned out to be a charming museum – a nice break from the highway.







Back on the highway it was more rocks and trees, then suddenly we crested a hill and laid out below us was a huge valley of farm fields. We saw soy, oats, bright fields of canola, and even some corn. It was a welcome break from the bush! This landscape lasted for less than an hour – trees, rocks and sand followed. It looked more like we expected the north to look like.

1:30 pm in Cockran we finally turned WEST! Westward ho!!!



We pulled into Twin Lakes Campground, in Moonbeam Ontario at around 2:45. Moonbeam is home town to one of our friends so we thought it would be a good spot for an overnight. There’s a spaceship on the main drag (I didn’t get a photo).


We started the day with temps in the low 20s (C), but by the time we got here the temp had dropped to a mere 8C. Burr and yuck. It is a shame as the park is pretty with a “lake” with a sandy beach. No beach for dogs though. Our site is long and much wider than yesterdays. It is separated from the neighbours by a line of spruces. We have full-service which lets us have long hot showers in our own camper.

Have I mentioned how cold it is though? I fully expect to wake up to snow on the ground.

Also, I’ve been too tired at the end of the day to crack open the bottle of bubbles in the fridge! But it is waiting there for us when the mood strikes.

Westward, ever westward.
Henry Wells

DSCN2085Are we there yet?