Wednesday, July 31, 2013

savouring it for its beauty



I thought I’d do a few posts about our trip to Medicine Hat yesterday, mainly because I took so many photos,but decided to jam them all into one.


It was a wonderful day in so many ways. We drove through some incredibly beautiful land - I couldn't stop taking pictures, trying to capture the essence, but of course it is impossible. You have to actually be part of the landscape to feel the immenseness - a photo is just a snapshot of a tiny part of the horizon – the rest is up to your imagination.


At one point we passed a tractor mowing the verge. The smell was more than just cut grass, it was... well, I just can't think of words to describe the fragrance. Something about it touched a deep, familiar memory. If only I could capture it in a bottle...


At some point along the way from Moose Jaw to Medicine Hat, the odometer rolled over to 2000 miles! Wow, what a trip!






As we drove from Saskatchewan into Alberta I had Eric Clapton's song "Alberta" cued up. I'm nothing if not an idiot for making myself all choked up! From the border it was a short drive and then suddenly, just around a curve and over a hill, was Medicine Hat. We made it safely to the campground, got out of the truck to register - I just may have teared a little bit at that point.


We are here. It seems surreal. Anyway, it wasn't long before we were set up, including the satellite (which Carm was able to get through a tiny hole between trees!). It is the perfect site. Satellite, spacious, dog walk area just across and down a bit. Place to go for long walks. And right at the edge of the Hat.


Almost right away we took the dogs for a long walk. We all needed to stretch our legs. There is a walking path, that is actually an off-leash dog area, just outside the campground. Luckily we didn’t see any other dogs… The paved path goes for miles in both directions. We took the direction away from civilization, marvelling at the views at each step. The dogs were pretty excited (ON leash of course), and we tried to keep them on the path, away from potential rattlesnakes. Up and down and up some more, we had a good walk - the dogs were dragging their feet by the time we got back to a cold drink of water.

We were enjoying the view from our campsite when a flash of red caught my eye. Sure enough, it was my dad coming for a visit. He and my mom made the trip from Ottawa as well. It wasn't long before my mom followed in another car. We got caught up, then they left us to get showered and cleaned up for supper at my cousin Myna's house. We had a nice visit with her family, getting to know her daughters Courtney and her husband, and Tanis.

We got back to the trailer in time to take the dogs out for a last little outing – where we got to enjoy the sunset over the open prairie. OMG - I can't believe we are here!

I was merely looking at the prairie as a human being, savouring it for its beauty which engaged all the senses and brought with it a feeling of well-being, contentment and often even joy.
Sharon Butala - The Perfection of the Morning


  1. I used to be involved with a gallery that also had the work of a Canadian painter that did wonderful painting of the Canadian skys. I didn't realize how wonderful they were at they were. I hope we can see his part of the world someday.

  2. I am not sure why, but I really like pictures of baled hay in green fields.