Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 6–Kenora to Brandon part 2

Back on the road, next stop (and final for the day), Turtle Crossing campground in Brandon. We got here just after 2pm, and after some kerfuffle got settled and out for a walk with the dogs. The campground had been flooded in 2011 – in fact it was under 8 feet of water. They are still rebuilding, but it is clear it was a lovely spot. We walked down some over grown roads lined with cottonwood trees. Very pretty and peaceful. It was humming with dragonflies.


Carm finally succumbed to his TV withdrawal and set up the satellite dish. I think he just wanted to putter around doing something.

After the satellite was all set up and we’d had our adult beverage we harnessed up the dogs and went for a proper walk. Oh, it was lovely.

The park is practically deserted due to the construction and flood damage, but so much of the park is wild space with views off into the Manitoba countryside, or shaded by large cottonwoods. At the back of the park we found the river that winds its way through Manitoba.



There was even an area that we could let the dogs run for a minute.

After supper (butternut squash risotto w. roasted green beans), we drove into Brandon for an ice cream. The bit of town that we did see was clean and well kept.

We are thinking of stopping here on the way back for a few nights so that we can explore the area. The swinging bridge in Souris, where I used to live in Rivers, are all things that I’d like to see again.

I feel good!

DSCN2188_thumb1 Are we there yet?