Sunday, July 21, 2013

You May be Right–I Might be Crazy

Today the old Billy Joel song comes to mind as I dash around the house doing this and that. Right now though, I’m spending a few minutes on the swing. Carm has gone to his mom’s for lunch so it’s a good thing everything is under control!

The last few days have been hectic. Friday afternoon we had a short visit with Rolf (visiting from Norway) and my dad. Unfortunately it was pouring rain so we didn’t get to give him a tour of Skjennagard III. Right after they left we jumped into some good clothes to go to Carms uncles wake. He was 94, so a very good age, but of course to his wife and children it was still too soon. Many of Carms relatives from Toronto were there so it was a good opportunity for a visit.

Saturday Carm went to the funeral while I drove Grace the 1 1/2 hours to her vacation paradise. Ruth and John are taking her for the duration and I couldn’t hope for anyone better to keep care of her. Ruth used to do our hand-feeding in our parrot breeding days, so is an experienced bird person. She also has two of our timneh babies (Cato & Bailey) – Grace will feel like she is in heaven. It would have been nice to bring her with us, but having her along means we can’t go into the US, plus they would be long days in her little carrier.

Oh… the truck… when I was parking at Ruth’s I saw that the display for the gear gauge, and the dic display were blacked out. Oh oh. I turned the truck on and off a few times, but no such luck. After I got Grace all settled I dashed back out to the truck for something, and voila, the gauges were displaying properly. PFM? (pure f__g magic)  On my drive home the display went off and on again a few times. This is not behaviour we want to see 2 days before leaving on a 5 week trip Sad smile  When I got home I found the fuses and made sure they were all pushed in. Then Carm tried adjusting the display brightness… that may have done the trick. He took the truck to town today for a test so my fingers are crossed.

When I did get home yesterday there was an invite on the answering machine for dinner. You bet! I didn’t have anything planned and honestly didn’t feel like cooking. Trudie made wonderful organic beef & venison burgers. Yum. I gobbled one down and then ate part of another (oink oink!).

Today has been busy with last minute cooking, and little things like refreshing the water in the fresh tank, arranging dog treats, oh, a million little things. It is only 2pm and I’m sure there will be numerous other bits to do, but for now I’m taking a break. Already I can feel the swirling in my head starting to slow down.

Oh – and am I excited? OMG YES!!!!