Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We are THERE!!!

Spike here - I could tell that something was up as Laura was getting excited. When we stopped at the lights I looked over Carms shoulder, but it all looked the same as everywhere else to me.


Finally we stopped at this nice place with other trailers. When Laura and Carm got out of the truck they were hugging and Laura was crying a bit so I figured we were somewhere important.


After they did all their stuff to the trailer, they finally took us for a walk, and sure enough, it seems that we are there! It is pretty darn nice. Laura and Carm keep talking about how far they can see and how nice everything smells.

- Spike

p.s. Laura says she’ll write more later – they are leaving us to go to Myna’s place for supper – we’ll stay back at the trailer and take care of things. And maybe sleep a bit.