Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It is Only 20 days!

That's right - just 20 days, or 3 weeks minus a day, until we leave on our trip. I don't know how I'm going to make it as I'm having more and more incredible bursts of extreme excitement! Sometimes I'm just calmly excited and looking forward to the trip... but then... a huge wave of excitement will almost knock me off my feet. Only someone who is bipolar will understand the extent of crazy emotion that can take over and almost overwhelm. I wish I could share some of it with Carm as I'm not sure how much he's looking forward to the trip - he may be doing it just for me (that's love isn't it!). (on edit: Carm just said that he IS looking forward to the trip, he just isn't crazy excited like me).

I've been putting together some playlists for the drive - does anyone have any good driving songs to recommend? The first one on my list is "Alberta" (how much do you want to bet I'll cry when it plays - I'm tearing now in anticipation). I can't remember the other "road trip" songs that I picked, but there weren't very many. Suggestions welcome!

Don suggested downloading some old time radio shows which is a great idea - I just have to figure out what I want and how to get them to download and not just play. I tried a few sites today but I think I'm too stunned.

We leave Thursday for 4 nights of camping at Riverside - I think the break from "getting ready" will be good for us both. My fingers are crossed for good weather - I haven't even bothered checking the forecast as usually they are so wrong...

We dropped into the grocery store for a few things and as we were checking out I commented to the cashier how all the bad food (hot dogs, canned ravioli) were for the dogs and parrot, while the kiwi and avocado were for us. So there it is - we feed our pets junk. I've been starting to put together Grace's food - some that I'm making and freezing... and the junk food - to go with her to Ruth's. I may even include a bag of chips for her :-0

To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.
Jane Austen