Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 3–Moonbeam to Nipigon

The alarm woke us up at 6:30 this morning which gave us plenty of time to get on the road by 7:40. A quick stop to take a photo of the space ship then we were on the road to Kapuskasing where we got gas and Tims coffees.




The road has been in pretty good shape up until the other side of Kap. After that, well, lets just say it was terrible until Hearst. After which it was good road. There was some construction here and there, but it wasn’t too bad, mainly because there is no traffic. There were long stretches today where we only saw the occasional vehicle coming the other way.

(If there are any typos it is because I’m being bounced out of my seat as I type this bit.)


We went over 1000km this morning at 9:28. Slowly but surely we make our way west. Aside from better roads since Hearst, there isn’t much else other than trees, rocks, and more trees. The terrain became more rolling. As the miles have slid by, knowing how far we have left to go, it can’t help but strike me about how very big our country is. There have been times we’ve crested a hill to see miles out over forest – with nothing. Imagine what it must have been like to be an explorer with such vastness around you.


So far we’ve averaged 10.4 mpg. With diesel prices being high up here our pockets will be empty by the time we reach Alberta!


The miles just flew past. We made a few more short stops to stretch our legs.




At one point the landscape suddenly changed – we aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto!


We decided to push past the first campground I had tagged and drove another hour (or was it 2) to end up at Birchwood Campground just outside of Nipigon, not long after we turned onto highway 17. Of course it started to rain…


It is a very small campground but well kept. The sites have plenty of space, we don’t feel like we are hemmed in. We haven’t been anywhere yet were we could go for a long walk, no wonder the dogs are starting to get a bit antsy. (I’m watching a guy walk his lovely Siamese cat on a leash. We’ll wait to walk the dogs for a few minutes!)

The rain let up soon after we got here, but by 7pm it was raining again. I just hope it lets up for bedtime potty run.

Speaking of dogs – Spike hasn’t really relaxed into long drive mode yet. He backseat drove for much of the morning. After I gave him some Rescue Remedy he settled down and had a nap. As soon as he was in the camper he was in his bed asleep – with his back towards us.

Tomorrow we are planning on making a big push to Kenora. It will be a long day, but then we’ll stay for 2 nights. Carm seems to be handling the driving well – thankfully he’s not as exhausted as I am.

I’ve been getting regular updates from Ruth about Grace. As I expected she has settled in well and is making herself at home. We miss her here, but these long days would be terrible for her.

I may have no luck posting this (Wednesday), in which case I’ll post Thursday when we get close to Thunder Bay – we are sure to pick up internet there again.

I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward.

David Livingstone


DSCN2111Are we there yet?

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