Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dorks and Orks

Today (Sunday) was another busy day full of sighseeing and visiting. I'm not even sure what time it was but we loaded Freya into her stroller and walked down the hill and into Miramar to the Weta Cave... leaving my camera battery in the charger in the kitchen - dooh! Olaf and I looked around at the displays and sat down to watch the movie while Tammy went for a walk with Freya and Lola (dog), and then had a picnic lunch.

After we walked back home we grabbed the picnic lunch that Tammy had prepared for us (while I was sleeping and not helping at all), and headed to the Sheepskin warehouse and then along the waters edge for a picnic lunch, this time for the big people. It was lovely watching the moored boats bobbing in the bay.

Freya was due for her nap so Olaf and I dropped Tammy and baby off back home and headed back into Miramar - I browsed a shop while Olaf did a few minutes of work. We decided to check out another shop for some things I was looking for, but took the long way along the coast through Seatoun. A beautiful view presented itself so we pulled off, tossed off our shoes and then ooch and ouched our way across the volcanic rock to the waters edge. The view was stunning.

We got to the store, didn't find what I was looking for and then noticed the shop that Tammy suggested I look for a picnic blanket at. Wouldn't you know they were 1/2 price so I picked one up to bring home. I think it will be a wonderful reminder of my trip to NZ and all our many picnic. And perhaps it will inspire Carm and I to slow down a bit at home and enjoy more picnics on our travels. These are great blankets with a fleecy top, and a vinyl bottom. Perfect for on grass or sand.

Tammy had picked up lamb chops for us for supper tonight so I ate my first NZ lamb - YUMMERS!

We are to bed early tonight, everyone is bushed.

It was a wonderful weekend and I am so glad I got to spend more time with Tammy and Olaf, and of course cheery little Freya.

Happy Tails!

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