Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Rest of Thursday

You'll have to excuse the crazy detail, but this is not just my blog, but also my travel diary. At the end of 2013 I'll print out my blog (there is a service for that) and have a printed copy for my bookshelf. It will be fun to read back in a few years :-)

As I mentioned yesterday, we had thunderstorms and pouring rain for the afternoon which continued into the evening. It pretty much kept us house-bound, so we were glad we had made it on our walk yesterday morning.

Today is starting out sunny again, but since that can change in a moment I'd better get dressed and into the house to see what the plan is for today. We may take a little drive after a walk.

I haven't seen CNN or any other news program since I left Canada - I don't miss it but do feel a bit like I'm in a bubble. No doubt nothing much has changed in the world!

I had more trouble posting photos yesterday. I'll be at Olaf and Tammy's again on the weekend so will try again there.

Happy Tails!