Saturday, January 19, 2013

Photos from Windmill Farm, Hill, Botanical Garden

I'm having better luck posting photos from Olaf & Tammy's.

A view from the windmill farm above Macara beach.

Partway up the hill at the farm (first time up).

One of the sculptures at the Botanical garden. It was on our way back up the hill so I "joked" that I was exhausted.

Partway up the hill at the botanical garden. Downtown Wellington is in the distance. We walked to the harbour and back. It looks pretty far in this photo but I don't think it really was. Well, my legs say it was quite a distance! We walked for over 3 hours. Down and Up.

This is the funky bark of the palm tree that I mentioned in yesterday's blog post. At first we thought they were plastic!

Happy Tails!