Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Up, Up, Up the Hill

It is Thursday here, but still just Wednesday in Ottawa. That means I've been away for 7 nights already - 1/5 of my time away.

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day for most of it, which is funny as the weather forecast called for rain - just rain, no sun. Apparently the weather forecasts aren't very accurate, you are better off just looking out the window, and even then it might change in 10 minutes!

After coffee we tied on our shoes and started up the track towards the top of their hill. I had to stop many, many times to enjoy the view (and perhaps try to catch my breath) - we made it about 1/2 way up and I was knackered. I'll try to increase my fitness over the next few weeks to make it up further. As it was we could see the golf course a km over (I thought of you Carm). The views were something else.

After a breakfast/lunch of farm fresh free range eggs and potatoes we drove around the hills and up to the Windmill farm where there are trails and lookouts. WOW! Seriously, the views at Kirsten's farm PALED compared to these. We could see out over the Pacific to the South Island. The water was beautiful shades of blue. Along the coast we could see the beaches and rocky bits where the waves were crashing against the shore. Then away from the ocean the hills rolled (well, steeply rolled) off into the distance, with sheep, horses, and probably cows dotting the grass. I took some pictures but they seriously did it no justice (I'll post a few separate photos later).

After that bit of exercise we drove down the gorge (I'll ask Kirsten when I get into the house) towards Johnstonville. I know I've talked about the windy roads already, but this road was seriously not straight! By the time we got into the town every one of us was starting to get car sick. Windy is not even the right word for it, but I don't know a word that means never a straight bit with sharp 90 or more degree turns every 10 feet. It was pretty though with a stream meandering along the bottom, and livestock dotting the pastures.

Once we got to Johnstonville we stopped (at McDonalds!) for ice cream, and then made our way to Wellington for some groceries. There were straight bits of road on this route so our stomachs got a bit of a break.

I don't think I've mentioned the Hydrangeas - there are huge stands of brilliant purple, blue, and pink hydrangeas all over the place.

Once we got home I think everyone was tired, but I was the only one to lie down for a nap, everyone else went out to do chores and ride their ponies. Soon it was supper time and not long after that it was time for bed.

This morning (it is 9:15 here) it is sunny again. I'm not sure what is on the plan for today but I'd better get in the house to find out! Plus a coffee (lovely strong espresso) will be welcomed.

Happy Tails!