Sunday, January 13, 2013

Photos from First Two Days

It is 9pm here (3 am back home) and I must still be a little jet lagged as my head is spinning a bit. Or maybe that's just from being upside down for so long! We had a laid back day again today. In the morning the clouds were low and there were areas of mist and light drizzle. We put aside our fear of getting wet and went for a long walk. As it turns out we didn't get rained on at all, but my wind breaker was on and off several times. We walked down, down, down the hill, along the road (a straight one!), past Olaf's office, and then to the grocery store and another shop/garden centre called the Chocolate Fish. On our way back we stopped at a field so Lola could get a good play in with her ball (Lola is the family dog), and the up, up, up the hill back home.

After a nice lunch we sat around and watched a movie (Ted), played with the baby, and talked and talked. I can't remember the last time we were together long enough to have such a good conversation. After the movie we left Tammy to take care of sunny Freya while Olaf and I drove to take back the movie and pick up a few groceries. It was an education to shop in a grocery store on the other side of the world. I will never again complain about the cost of peanut butter or dog food. A small bag of Beneful (that horrible food) was $28! A little jar of peanut butter $7.00. The jar of pb that we get from costco for the same amount is triple the size. And that was the cheapest brand. My meager contribution was 2 lemons and a jar of anchovy stuffed olives which strangely had no taste of fish.

All that looking at food got Olaf all fired up to have me taste deep fried mallow bar (much like a mars bar), so we stopped at their little fish and chip place for a pao fritter and a mallow bar to share. With our treats in hand we drove over to a path up on the "hill" where we could let Lola run while we enjoyed our treats. They were both good - it is a good thing we shared the bar though as I think it would have left us in a diabetic coma! Oh, and the view from where we were - spectacular! (see photo near the bottom).

Tammy made us a delicious supper with chicken, broccoli, and salad. Despite the treats I feel that I had a healthy eating day (thanks Tammy!).

I guess you can tell that I'm about to fall asleep...

Olaf and Freya - she's always got a smile and a giggle. She's a little cutie.

I took this photo yesterday when we had some sun. It is taken from the front of the house, up to the garage. Yes - those buildings sticking way out over the hill side has cars in them. Yikes!

This was taken at the Pony Club in Makara. There were many beautiful views up the hills, this is just one of them.

Kirsten and Nissa (on Jack).

Nissa on Jack about to go over some jumps.

Shenna on Geronimo about to go over a cross-country jump. She's done very will with him, especially considering she's only been riding him a month.

Freya, Tammy, Geronimo and Shenna

This is the view from the path that I spoke about earlier. The photo does it no justice.

Happy Tails from the other side of the world!