Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Full Day at the Farm


I woke up to the sound of the rooster crowing and the din of rain on the roof. Not the typical NZ summer day that I imagined, cold and rainy instead. Luckily I had swapped out some of those sleeveless tshirts for a long sleeved one!

The first part of the morning we enjoyed each others company while watching the rain come down. I feasted on a breakfast with a free-range duck egg and a chicken one for comparison. Both were tasty, but I couldn't really tell the difference between them. Eventually chores called and I donned borrowed rain gear to accompany them. The rain relaxed into a light mist so we were able to tramp around the farm a bit so I could see all the creatures. Except the eels - I haven't fed the eels yet :-0

Nap time and then lunch (broccoli soup). The sky totally lightened, there were even the odd blue bit, so we bundled up again for more chores and then a walk down the road, with Shenna riding her pony Jack. I may have said yesterday that Kirsten's road was 1 1/2 lanes wide. I was wrong - it is 3/4 of a North American lane wide! Very pretty though. I took a bunch of photos and will try to post some later today.

We were outside for a good 2 hours, enjoying a walk and then doing the barn chores. The ponies got their evening feed, and then there was the stable to "pick" (as with anywhere with lots of animals there's plenty of poo!). The chickens got their little bit of feed, the ducks got theirs. I don't think they had to do anything with the sheep other than chase them back into their proper paddocks. The dogs got their dinner at our supper time. And the cats dinner was topped up as well.Am I missing anything?

We talked about walking to the top of the hill this morning, but it is grey so we shall see. The plan is to eat our first breakfast (my breakfast cookie recipe) at the top while we enjoyed the views,feeding our soul as well as our tummys! That will require photos for sure!

Till later - Happy Tails!