Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunrise over Kidnappers Cove

Kirsten had read that the sunrise over the ocean here was the first sun of today to hit land. So, we set our alarm clock last night for 5:55am so that we'd be the first to see the sun today (sorry about the 12am alarm accidentally set girls!). The only problem was... we were all turned around and one bay over so the sun rose exactly the opposite of where we thought it would rise - over the hill behind us! So we were on the second piece of land to be hit by today's sun. Oh well, we had a pretty good laugh about the whole thing, plus it got us up at an early hour. I'm not sure that the girls will have such fond memories of our trip if I keep getting them up so early!

Today we have a shorter drive ahead of us so we'll probably stop more along the way. I think there are nice beaches at our destination so we'll also get a bit of sand in our toes :-)

Happy Tails!