Thursday, January 3, 2013

Less Than One Week Away

I checked off another task on the to-do list for getting ready to leave on my trip. They weren't due for another few weeks but I had to get the poodles clipped before I leave otherwise they'd be furry, matted beasts by the time I get home. It broke my heart as it was minus 20C and here I was stripping them naked. Poor things. But they really don't complain and cooperated fully. Kabira feels a bit left out I think, and when Bella is on the table sits right by her side for the entire time.

I did a bit of packing too, or perhaps re-packing would be the more correct term! I've been tracking the weather for the last few weeks - temps seem to be consistently between 68F and 72F (20C and 22C), so the sleeveless tshirts have been swapped out for another long sleeve tshirt. And I've added a vest. My bathing suit is still packed though - I'm holding out hope to maybe dip a toe in the Pacific! I've started not wearing a sweater around the house so that I can get used to the cooler temperatures (okay I tried but froze - add 1 more sweater to suitcase).

One thing I didn't pack though was a new camera. You see, I had this little fantasy that Carm was going to bring me home a new Nikon p7700, but no, no new camera. The one I have now will surely do the trick, it is a handy little camera after all - but it would have been great to have an amazing camera to take pictures of the far-away lands.

One week today and I'll be on my way! Wait a minute... it is Thursday... which means that I'm leaving in just 6 days, not a week, and next Thursday I'll be somewhere enroute. I arrive in Wellington at 11:30pm Friday, which will be 5:30am Friday here. I'm thinking of wearing two watches - one set for NZ time and the other for home time - then I'll be able to figure out when it is - ha ha. I do have a little app on my tablet that tells me what time it is in both places - maybe that will help me to get sorted! I have trouble figuring out what day/time it is at the best of times, let alone being confused by 18 hours and a date line!

The only journey is the one within.
Rainer Maria Rilke

Unless you are going to the other side of the world!