Sunday, January 20, 2013

Glorious Sunday

The weather was perfect today - light breeze, clear skies and warm. I couldn't have wished up a nicer day :-) My word of the day today was WOW - everything was just so beautiful.

It is 11:44 pm home time, 5:44 pm Wellington time. I'm sitting in Olaf & Tammy's suv in the parking lot at Olaf's work. He had to run in and do something or other for the movie he is working on (Ironman 3), and I want to go to the grocery store to stock up on the wonderful NZ chocolate that is on sale! I wonder how much weight I can pack into my suitcase ;-) Or if I'll snack it all before I actually get home (sort of like those Wonderbar chocolate bars that I had to buy twice to bring to Shawn...).

Today we got going early (it must have been by 10am that we had showered and breakfasted). Tammy and I walked down to the park with Freya and Lola, then met Olaf over by the grocery store. From there we drove along the water to a beach where we got out and walked around for a bit. The ocean was crashing into the rocks, and there were tide pools closer to shore. I love the ocean.

We drove further along the coast (still in Wellington), stopped at a little spot along the road to pick up fish and chips, the found another beachy spot where we could have a picnic. We gorged on our treat (followed by a bit of that famous chocolate), and then we piled into the car again, this time heading up, up up, to the Wellington Windmill that overlooks the city. The view was AMAZING!!! I could see the windmills over at the windmill park, and I suppose if I could have picked out which one it was, the windmill at the top of Kirsten's place. When I was up the hill with Shawn yesterday he pointed this windmill out to me.

There were some girls at the top who had just ridden their bikes UP! I was pretty impressed as it was an elevation of over 400 metres. Needless to say they both had good legs! We admired the view for a while (it was really spectacular), and then Olaf decided that we'd drive all around the bay and over the hills to the other side (I'll have to look up where we actually went - it was Rimataka or something like that).

I think I have the order of lunch and the windmill mixed up, but it doesn't really matter cause it all adds up to the same thing - a lovely day filled with WOWs!

I almost forgot - in all our driving around I saw a "Big Country" rv! They are huge and I seriously can't imagine driving one around here...

We drove along the water and onto a 4 lane highway and around the coast to the other side of the bay. We were on the wrong side of the road to stop at the lookout, but did stop on our way back (again - WOW). The entire drive was pretty and wound through lovely farmland. There were curvy road signs, but seriously these roads were nothing like some of the ones I've already been on (but I did feel a little car sick at a few points - despite the fact that Olaf was being a great driver and not trying to freak me out!).

Once we got to the beach, Olaf and I walked up to where we could see the waves crashing into the shore. There were some fishermen, and one or two other people walking on the beach, but no one swimming. We think there might be an undertow there?

It was soon time to head back home so that Freya could have her supper. Freya and Tammy were in the back seat for the whole drive (thanks for letting me have the front seat Tammy!) - Freya had her naps back there and even managed to eat a meal or two! She was good as gold and cute to boot. She didn't complain at all about being trapped in a seat for hours and hours.

It was wonderful to spend the day with Olaf and Tammy - I don't think I've spent this much time with Olaf since he was a little boy, so I feel very fortunate to have this time with him.

Happy Tails!