Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm Pretty Sure Shawn Was Trying to Kill Me!

Seriously though... maybe he thought he'd just leave my body at the top of their hill but I made it! Not all the way to where the windmills are, but up to the top where the path peters out. Shawn (Kirsten's muscle husband in super good shape) and Nissa and I went for a walk up the hill this morning (Saturday), with many, many stops and rests and lots of encouragement I made it all the way up. Shawn figures it is 180 metres higher in elevation than the house (which is how many stories? - maybe about 40?). The views were spectacular - we could see as far as the ocean! The wind was whipping and gusting, at times it seemed it might blow us right off the "hill", but sometimes the slope would protect us from the gale. My windbreaker was on and off several times.

I was so glad I did it and am sorry that I winged so much about it! Maybe by the time I leave it will be a little easier to make it up that high.

After we got back (and I collapsed on the sofa for a bit) we drove into Wellington to have supper at Olaf and Tammy's. By the time we made it into the city we were all feeling slightly sick from the drive - even Kirsten the driver! I have a running commentary in my head as we drive that road (especially back into town with the cliff by my side) "oh my God... oh shit... yikes... OMG... oh crap... omg, omg, omg... OMG..." - I won't even write the words that cross through my mind when another car comes towards us - it is just that exciting!

We made it safe and sound to O & T's place after a quick stop in the grocery store - I bought a pinot noir to try (which was not the right wine to have with the delish beef bourginon), and chips and cheesies to tide us over till supper. Cheesies aren't as good here, but the chips were great. It is funny to think that the roads around O & T's place made such an impression when I first got here, cause really, they are nothing compared to some of the roads I've been on!

We had a nice family dinner with lots of laughs, and then Kirsten, Shawn and the girls headed home, leaving me to stay with Olaf & Tammy for a few nights. Oh, and I picked an orange from their garden to use for making supper :-)

Happy Tails!

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