Saturday, January 19, 2013

Photos from Monday and Tuesday

My first few days at Kirsten's in Makara.

On the road on our way up to Kirsten's. This is the main road - not Kirsten's road.

The gate into Kirsten's place. Those are her hills in the background.

The sheep trying to escape - Kirsten had to chase them back.

We went for a walk along the road - yes, that is the road. That she drives her float/horse trailer on. Yes, it is a two way road. The drizzle held out long enough for a pleasant walk. Everything is so beautiful!

A creek along the road.

Coming back from our walk - the little bridge is on Kirsten's laneway, the white building in the background is the "kennel".

Wednesday was bright and sunny - Nissa was walking Scout into the cool water of the creek as he has a touch of laminitis.

We walked 1/2 way up the hill - I had to stop several times to look at the view/ catch my breath! By the end of this trip I'll be in pretty good shape if we get up this hill every other day or so. My goal is to make it to the top!

Happy Tails!