Monday, January 28, 2013

Girls Day at the Farm

Tammy brought me back out to the farm this morning (after a walk to a little park, where I forgot my camera memory card in my tablet, so those photos of the garages 100% hanging over the cliffs were not saved to disk...).

It is nearing the 1/2 way point in my trip and I will admit to feeling pretty homesick today, and even had a bit of a cry. Nissa put a funny "Modern Family" on the telly and Shenna gave me a big hug, so I couldn't feel bad for too long!

It was just the 6 girls today - Tammy, Freya, Kirsten, Shenna, Nissa and myself. We had lots of giggles and fun. It was another hot sunny day with very little wind so Freya got to try dipping in a bucket - she thought it was pretty funny!

Shawn brought home a very tasty Pinot Noir for me to try - it might be a good one to bring home - it was so smooth it was like velvet :-) Trying out all these wines are fun!

Then just before bed (a few minutes ago) he took me out possum hunting - no possums, but one giant hedgehog. Maybe next time!

Happy Tails!

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