Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just Two Weeks Left

Time here is going pretty quickly - it seems hard to believe but there is only 2 weeks left - I leave here Wed Feb 13.

Today I slept in until almost 10am - I am getting totally exhausted by all this activity :-) It was another hot day, almost too hot to do much out in the sun so we decided to finish up some of the back-to-school shopping and head into Wellington to THE mall. There is another one somewhere outside of Wellington, but I guess it is a fair distance from Karori/Macara (as was the one we did go to). First we stopped in a little ballet shop to get some new slippers for Nissa.

The mall was much like a mall anywhere - some of the shops were the same (Footlocker), but there were other shops that were different. We popped into the Canterbury shop where they sell the "All Blacks" stuff - $120 for a golf shirt - Carm is obviously not getting one of those! I'd buy myself the "one ring" before I'd shell out that for a tshirt...

Nissa snagged a new pair of shoes at the mall and is very excited as they were a ladies size. Since she is just 10 2/3 years old it is a sign of her getting closer to being a grownup.

One thing that I've been noticing as we've been traveling about NZ - as soon as it is the tinyist bit warm out, hordes of people walk around barefoot! Even in the malls. It is very strange to see, and I keep expecting them to have hobbit feet!

We stopped by the Breaker Bay house and found a tiny little occupant in the garage. A tiny little gecko skittered its way across the floor, but did stop long enough for me to get a photo.

After a stop at the grocery store we finally made it back home just after 8. I haven't been having any trouble sleeping here and I'm sure you can imagine why!

Happy Tails!

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