Friday, January 11, 2013

The Long and Winding Road

I'm here at Olaf and Tammy's. I can't believe the journey is over - it seems that it went on forever. The last flight went well, there was a cute Lord of the Rings saftey video, they had 2 hobbits handing out sweets at the end of the flight, and there was even a half decent meal. I cleared customs with no problem and Olaf was there to pick me up.

Then there was the drive to his place - starting on the wrong side of the road, in a sports car, on a windy road - we took the long cut home and it was hair raising to say the least. At least I couldn't really see the drop off on my side to the ocean (actually a bay, but it was salt water). Did I mention that it was a wind-y road (how do you spell that anyway to not get it confused with air blowing hard).

Their house is perched on a hill. The garage is on stilts above it. I'll have to get a picture tomorrow - it is pretty precarious looking, although I believe it was inspected by an engineer.

Of course Tammy had the guest bedroom all decked out - she's a very detailed person - I felt bad dumping all my stuff in that pretty space!

But now it is time for bed - my ears are ringing from all those hours of aircraft noise.

I can't believe I'm here!!!!!


  1. So glad you're safely there!! Sounds like a LONG trip, but now you can forget about that and enjoy your stay. Looking forward to seeing the sights vicariously. Have fun!

  2. "wind-y road (how do you spell that anyway to not get it confused with air blowing hard)" .. the answer is in your title ;-) ... or "serpentine" [see]

    Glad you are safely in a house again. The garage on stilts does give me pause. What if a huge wind blows it into the house? Looking forward to photos!