Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ottawa -> Vancouver -> Sydney

It's 7:20 pm on Wednesday and the map shows us 4 hours 34 minutes out of Vancouver and just north of Sault Sainte Marie. Still a long way to go. I have a lovely woman sitting next to me so the time so far has been pleasantly spent :-) When I hauled out my tablet she asked me about it as she has the same one but was frustrated with it. That was all she needed to say and I talked her ear off showing her bits and bobs.

I'm glad I had lunch at the Vietnamese place as the offerings on board were not really that great. I'll stick with a water and some nuts for now. And maybe an Oh Henry.

8:10 - I can see Thunder Bay off in the distance. Are we there yet? I guess not. Only 2 days left to go.

8:30 - Tammy - we are just south of Fort Francis.

9 - We are past Grand Forks - the skies are clear so I have a good view of the lights of all the towns and villages down there. It is well populated with some good sized downs and many smaller ones. I wonder if we'll be driving through any of them next summer? When I get back from my trip it will be time to be getting the atlas out for some planning. We both love looking at maps :-)

I was just back to the washroom and got a good view of our packed like sardine quarters. It is easy to put that out of my mind when I'm in my seat looking at my little screen. Speaking of screen, I'm having trouble with the touch part of my screen. It just isn't working well and I'm not sure if it is the altitude? or what? Oh, more turbulence, I think I'll pack my tablet away for a while.

11 pm - Just finished watching Rocky Horror Picture Show, one of the best Rock Operas. Tim Curry rocks Frankenfurter - I could watch him for hours. I guess it time to switch over to Vancouver time which I guess would be 8pm. The map says we are an hour out.

At Dollarama this afternoon I bought a neck pillow for $2.50 - the best 2 bucks spent in a long time. It will be awesome for the Sydney leg.

12:33 am Thursday (ottawa time) - I'm here but they are pre-boarding already so I gotta dash.

sometime in the middle of the night - they started boarding the Sydney flight almost right away and I never had time to get my internet connection working.

7 am thursday (ottawa time) somewhere over the middle of some ocean - Are we there yet? They boarded the plane early, but then we sat on the tarmac for ages. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get the internet working in time to send an email or post this. I have nice seat mates again, next to me is a young lady from Auz who was in Canada working in a feedlot. And next to her is a woman who owns a winery in the Penticton area (Oliver I believe). Her winery is called Geringer or something along those lines. The little one next to me contorts herself into her seat in all sorts of ways - oh to be young again.

Once we were up in the air I took the special pill from my doctor, it did the trick and made me sleepy so after supper I bunched up my sweaters and pillows and slept for a few hours. Only a few but now I'm just too stiff and crampy to get comfortable. I'd love to stand up!

Oh yeah- that great 2.50 buy... it burst at the seams sending little white clingy styofoam balls everywhere. I need a needle and thread. Mom gave me a little kit, but I can't for the life of me think of where I put it. Probably in my main suitcase. I'm not sure I'll drag it around Sydney for 10 hours though.

Time to try sleeping again - wish me luck!

9 am (ot) - had another little nap (sort of). I've been up doing exercises in front of the loo and now they've served a sandwich and cookie snack. We figured we are about 7 hours into the trip, so 1/2 way there... OMG...

1:30 pm (ot) - the sun has just peaked over the horizon, I'm watching a movie (Matilda), and I can smell breakfast on the way. We must be getting a bit close as it is 5:30 in Sydney. According to my itinerary we are due in Sydney at 8:34 am their time, which would be what time Ot time?

3;27 pm (ot) - Captain just came on to say we'll be landing in about an hour. Now they are showing a video about quarentean laws. They'll be spraying the interior of the plane with insecticides.

Time for the tablet to go to bed.

4:50 pm (ot) 9am Jan 11 syd - it is a confusing string of today's and tomorrows! - we are safely landed and I am just getting my bearings. Unfortunately there was some cloud cover as we approached so I didn't get a really great view, but still caught some glimpses of the Australian coast - very exciting.

All in all the long flight was not as awful as I thought it might be. As I mentioned earlier I was seated next to some nice ladies, there are lots of movies and tv shows available to watch, and I managed to catch some zzzz's.

I'm just hoping to get the internet connection going, I'm having a hard time.

I'm going to post what I have now, but will probably add later once my thoughts are all arranged. And a cup of coffee has been consumed!

Happy Tails!