Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It is Thursday afternoon - the rain is pouring down so we are inside - Shenna is asleep in the livingroom, Kirsten and Nissa are in the kitchen making Raspberry muffins (with duck eggs) and I'm in the dining room writing my blog.

The day started off bright and sunny (see my last post), but by the time I was in the house and had 1/2 drunk a cup of coffee it was clouding over (wait 10 minutes!). We quickly got ready and headed out onto our walk. Today we walked over to the Warren's property and up the hill there (85 metres almost straight up!). All together we walked for just over an hour. Carm - it was like doing the lighthouse walk vertically! It is no wonder that the girls are so fit and that Kirsten has great legs ;-)

Once we got home we had some croissant, jam and cheese, and more lovely coffee. I don't know what we did, but soon it was time for lunch and then outside for some horsey time. The girls rode their ponies around for a short time, but we could see big dark clouds coming over the hills. We were soon dashing for cover as the rain POURED down and the wind whipped up. Nissa was happy to hear some thunder (they don't get much of that here). We sat around the living room for a while watching episodes of Modern Family (if you haven't seen them before they are worth watching for a giggle). And now here we are.

I've been having difficulty getting photos to post, but I'll try again after I post this. They have really expensive satellite internet here and it might have trouble with the uplink.

I'm having a wonderful visit - I wish they lived a tiny bit closer :-( But of course I miss Carm and the pets - he'd be pretty bored here though as it is mostly just us four girls giggling.

Happy Tails!

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