Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aborted Emprise

Today's word of the day is emprise (em-PRYZE noun : an adventurous, daring, or chivalric enterprise). I had hoped for an emprise to Alberta with the camper this next summer, but Carm was reluctant and now it seems it's just as well as he is being courted for a contract. Cancelling an already planned trip would have been a huge disappointment which may have affected my emotional well-being. As it stands we can plan this trip another year and still savor the anticipation.

My pleasures today were varied. It started with when I got up and was half way through my first coffee - I remembered about a small bookshelf that my father had built for me decades ago - it was moldering in the spare bedroom - and now fits the bill perfectly for some of my recipe books (not even 1/2 of them!). I was pleased with the result :-).

Another pleasure was the standard one, the sun shining into my eyes as I sat at the computer - the sun always sends a flush of happiness to my core. And then there's getting outside for a bit of fresh air - it was warm (-4C) but windy and cloudy - I needed a jacket instead of a sweater with my fluffy vest. There had been a bit of light snow which kicked up beautifully with each step. The wind had partially filled in yesterdays snowshoe tracks adding extra exertion - which is a good thing. Ahhhh... the glow of winter at home is starting to wear off, but all it takes to rekindle it is a few rays of sunshine, some fresh snow and a trip outside.

Life is good - especially in the country.

View out of north kitchen window - the sun is getting
lower and casting a pink hue
View out of east kitchen window - the photo really
doesn't show the setting sun highlighting the snow
No wonder I don't mind spending time in the kitchen!