Monday, February 28, 2011

There's a Kind of Hush

As I watched the snow gently falling in large, soft flakes (a big improvement over the freezing rain this morning) the song "There's a Kind of Hush" came into my mind. Often there is a muffled hush in the falling snow, however, when we got outside I was sadly disappointed - with the sounds of trucks passing by and snowmobiles in the distance there was only the vaguest hint of a hush. The song will have to do for today.

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Can you guess what today's word of the day is? Why it's cuspidor (KUSS-puh-dor noun : a receptacle for spit : spittoon). Phettewy! Musician's playing brass instruments need cuspidor's, especially those playing the trombone (aka slushpump). Neither Carm nor myself are brass instrument players, tobacco chewers or even spitters so we have never gotten a cuspidor for the house. Spitting is not a really attractive habit. I just don't get why sports players need to spit so much - EVEN GOLFER's. What about golf is there to spit about? I've even seen Tiger Woods spit - I just don't get it. Maybe they need cuspidor's installed around the course? Maybe one at every t-off and some at the bunkers? Why aren't they spaced around the office? Isn't boring desk work spitting worthy? Curious.

If you remember from the beginning of this blog, as we moved into retirement I've had a lot of angst about doing things and getting things done. I'm slowly moving more and more into retirement mode. Sure I'm still getting things done (even in the basement) but I don't have the same feeling of MUST DO. Now its more "if I want to do". I can pick up my book and read without tremendous guilt (still a bit though), crocheting counts now for doing... and so on. Its good! Retirement is good! Its hard to believe that this is the rest of my life (God willing). I find myself slowing down and not feeling so rushed, even grocery shopping is something to be enjoyed and not just something to rush through. Did I mention that life is good ;-)

I want to share with you a blog post I read today (What would James Stewart do?) about how role models, especially those played by James Stewart, influenced the man the writer grew up to be. Its worth a read as Philip is an excellent writer.

My pleasures today: I've been listening to an audiobook as I've been on the treadmill - currently its Secret Garden which is a charming story. Time really flies when you are immersed in a book and it makes the time that much more pleasurable. I like listening to fast music too, but I think the stories are better for just keeping an even pace ; walking outside with giant flakes of snow falling down and the sun breaking its way though the clouds - it was like a fairy tale.