Saturday, February 26, 2011

Waterless Waterbed

Today's word of the day is concrete (kahn-KREET adjective - 1: naming a real thing or class of things ; 2: formed by coalition of particles into one solid mass ; 3: relating to or involving specific people, things, or actions rather than general ideas or qualities ; 4: relating to or made of concrete). Let's see if I can give a concrete example of how to use this word.

sad, empty waterbed
Last night when Carm came to bed he found the bed wet on his side. Sure enough... the waterbed had a leak. Now you may laugh to know that we still had a hippie waterbed, but honestly they are very comfortable. The heater warms the water in winter so you get into a toasty bed, in the summer we lower the heat to make the bed cool. Then there's the support of the mattress - it conforms to your every curve thus supporting you perfectly. Will we get another one to replace it - we aren't sure yet - spending several hours in the middle of the night and the freezing temperatures may colour our decision.

Supper tonight has been planned as a small cheat meal - I'll use a bit of olive oil to make the roasted vegetables, PLUS we'll drink a bottle of bubbles. I figure one cheat every week or two won't slow my progress too much as long as I don't overdo it.

Dave Barry Turns 50My pleasures today: spending an hour in the afternoon curled up with a book after a late night. Today it's "Dave Berry Turns 50". I find his writing cracks me up ; bubbles aka sparkling wine ; eating roasted vegetables. I only discovered this way of cooking vegetables recently and it was immediately one of my favorites .

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