Friday, February 4, 2011

Silent Lucidity

Today's word of the day is salvo (SAL-voh noun - 1: a simultaneous discharge of guns or bombs ; 2a : a sudden burst b : a spirited attack). We finally dug out our snowshoes after years and years of being buried in the basement. It was a perfect day to get out there, and the snow was deep enough to warrant them. Whew - am I out of shape! The dogs were ecstatic to be outside in the snow, even Kabira who with a salvo of energy ran back and forth along our snowshoe trail, sometimes leaving the path to flounder in the deep snow. It was really windy here last night and it packed the top layer of snow down, not into a crust, but a heavier thicker layer, like the cream on top of a pail of milk. Poor Spike would be leaping along where the snow was looser and then wham, he'd have to struggle through the heavy snow drifts that were sometimes over his head. He must have a good strong heart.

My pleasures today: finding a good recipe to cook for guests tomorrow night ; seeing the perfect shape of a snowshoe in the firm snow ; getting to the end of the snowshoe outing - happy to be doing it, glad when its done, and we'll be out there again tomorrow ; finishing a book ; starting a new book ; ah - of course the sunny day - that is always a pleasure - and today it involved lying in the sunspot on the futon with a book.

Kabira enjoying her supper last night.

Yesterday we heard an old song called "Silent Lucidity" with a haunting melody. We were in the car which doesn't have a very good sound system so only caught snippets of the lyrics but it left us wanting more. Carm found a version of it on youtube with written lyrics imposed on a variety of artwork - perfect for a more studied listen. The meaning of the song isn't clear - we interpret it differently from each other. The artwork influences our interpretations  - I'm not sure if that's good or bad - but it does give food for thought as I ponder the meaning and think how it applies to my own life.  The haunting melody has been in my head all day.

I just finished reading "Love Invents Us" by Amy Bloom. It was a good read. More food for thought.
Love Invents Us

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