Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grizzle and Pan - Run like the Wind

This is my 101th post (it is really Saturday's post as I had it written but didn't get it sent off before guests arrived)- I can't believe that I've been so verbose...
Friday night the wind was wicked, it howled like a freight train and whipped the bushes next to the house into a frenzy. It was actually a bit scary and I wondered if we should take shelter. The lights flickered a few times and then blackness. Eventually the wind died down to normal high wind. The power was out for over 8 hours but the house temperature only dropped 4C degrees. Thank goodness for R2000 construction techniques. I wonder if it was a mini-tornado?

Saturday we were back down to below 0 temps and the wind was howling, blowing the snow around (we got a bit last night and it did been flurrying Saturday). A good day to stay inside, but luckily it improved for friends driving over from the city.

Saturday's word of the day is cabbage (KAB-ij verb - : steal, filch). We are pretty careful around the house to not let the dogs get a chance to cabbage any food on counters or coffee tables. Its easier to fix a problem that has never started than one that has. We did have a Borzoi, Grizzle, who would cabbage anything he could - and since his head was pretty much level with the counter we had to be pretty careful. I remember one time at a birthday party someone had a piece of cake on the kitchen counter, when he thought no one was looking he carefully pushed it onto the floor and then waited for the go ahead (it was on the floor after all). What a sneak he was. But he was everyone's friend and every dog's uncle. And beautiful, my gosh he was lovely to look at, and especially to watch running in the field. He and Pan, our greyhound, were best buddies. Pan actually picked him out from a litter of 3 month old puppies, or maybe more accurately, they picked each other out. To see them running like the wind in the grassy field would take your breath away. We miss them both.

mushrooms, onions and garlic
sauteed in fat-free chicken broth.
I added a bit of chinese hot chili sauce and then
tossed the whole works with some steamed green beans.
Topped with 1 oz chopped walnuts and some
grape tomatoes - yum and very low-cal.
My pleasures for Saturday: looking through old photo albums to find a photo of Grizzle - looking at the photos reminds me of how many different things we've done and how much we enjoyed doing them ; visiting with friends ; making a birthday hat for Spike - its his third birthday today.

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