Monday, February 7, 2011


Today was a bit snowy and very lazy feeling. I just didn't feel like doing much and struggled with this through the day. I still have a feeling that I have to be productive, at least Mon - Sat (unless there's a blizzard - its okay to be cosy then). I did end up crocheting for a good portion of the day, but that doesn't feel like I'm DOING something. We are only 6 weeks into retirement so I guess I'm just learning how to be retired. That said, there's a lot to be said for retirement. I love not feeling tired all the time; I love getting up when I wake up and not at some pre-prescribed, god-awful hour in the dark; I love having to to play with the dogs outside during the day; I love not having to commute to work - especially when its snowing; I love being able to do what I want (although as previously said I need to work on this - after all what's wrong with watching a movie on a Monday afternoon?).

My pleasures today: eating a beautiful salad that Carm made us for lunch ; walking outside in the really wet, packie snow ; making snowballs in the perfect consistency snow for packing (for the dogs to chase, not to throw at Carm - I'd miss anyway) ; pulling my comfy chair up to the window seat and having my coffee - then relaxing while doing some crocheting. There were a few moments when I could just enjoy doing this and not worry about what I SHOULD be doing. I mean - who says that I SHOULD be getting more sewing done? I'm the only one who cares and its not like the house is going to fall apart or we'll die of shame if someone comes over and its not all done! Say that 10 times and maybe I'll start to believe it!

Today's word of the day is interminable (in-TER-muh-nuh-bul adjective - : having or seeming to have no end; especially : wearisomely protracted). Some might wonder why they read this interminable blog and especially this interminable post!