Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fighting my Edacious Appetite

We were into town yesterday and I just didn't have a chance to write anything, plus there wasn't much to write about! Not that that has stopped me before...

Yesterday's word of the day was edacious (ih-DAY-shus adjective 1: having a huge appetite : ravenous ; 2: excessively eager : insatiable). I was edacious after missing lunch yesterday - it was all I could do to not have a big binge snack... thank goodness our food shopping was in produce stores otherwise I don't know if I could have resisted. It was worth it though, down six pounds this morning!

Today's word of the day is snaffle (SNAFF-ul verb - : to obtain especially by devious or irregular means). Snaffle is also the name for a bit used in horseback riding. It is probably the most common bit used and is considered the most "gentle", if a piece of iron in the mouth could be considered gentle. The Parelli method advocates no bit at all and instead uses rope halters. I think your horse better be well trained!

funky tile floor I saw yesterday

My pleasures: Yesterday it was spending some time with my mom. It was another beautiful sunny day, warm in the sun. We had a good visit while we hit up a few shops. I bought a couple of things, including a replacement for a water pitcher that I broke. Stupidly, I filled it up and put it in the garage for the dinner on Saturday then forgot all about it. It was well below freezing the next few days so when it was finally found it was broken in several places ;

Another pleasure although it was somewhat mixed with pain... I found an old diary from when I was in grade 7 (around 11 years old) - oh my gosh, it was embarrassing to read but fun none-the-less. Eleven year old girls were very silly and I was no exception - are they smarter now? ; 

My last notable pleasure for today - Spike did a long distance recall when he was on the track of something interesting - a skunk perhaps. I keep a bag of dried tripe in my pocket to reward such occurrences and I suspect it helped with his response today.
The treadmill is well situated with lots of windows and sun to help make the
time spent more pleasant. I can almost imagine that I'm walking outside.