Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet to pick up the Meat

Church on the way there
It was a beautiful, cold, sunny day - perfect for a drive to meet friends for lunch and pick up the dog food. We met Ruth and John at the 5-Star Restaurant in Kemptville. The food was good but the company was better. We always have some good laughs when we get together. After lunch we headed to Elise's place to pick up 100 pounds of pre-ground meat and bone mix for the dogs. Our freezer is now packed to the gills with some overflow in the garage (here's hoping it stays cold for a while!).

worshipping the sun
Today's word of the day is brummagem (BRUM-ih-jum adjective : not genuine : spurious; also : cheaply showy : tawdry). My imagination just isn't working today as I have nothing for this word! Maybe tomorrow will be better. I pinched a nerve in my neck/shoulder last night which is making it difficult to move and even type. Normally these sorts of things resolve themselves pretty soon after getting out of bed, but I'm have no such luck. I think I'll go and get the heat pack again.

My pleasures today: going for a drive in the sun ; seeing good friends and having a few laughs.