Thursday, February 3, 2011

Foot in their Mouths

You know what's funny - emailing each other when we are in the same room! For two retired computer jockeys we are still very hooked and would have trouble starting our days without an injection of bits and bytes. Seriously though, email is a good way to transfer links and other text to each other without having to get into saving the file on a shared drive, etc. etc.

Today's word of the day is ragtag (RAG-tag adjective 1: ragged, unkempt ; 2: composed of diverse often incongruous elements : motley). I often wonder what people think when our ragtag family descends from the truck - two people, 3 different breeds of dogs, and then one parrot. As we set up the campsite and put up our fence they must wonder just how many dogs we might have - are they relieved when its only three or horrified? Last summer we were in one spot for quite a while, and the spot next to us turned over a few times while we were there. At one point an older couple drove in and set up camp. The next day we were talking with them and it came up that as they pulled in they were horrified to see three dogs next to them and wondered how awful their stay was going to be. Thankfully (and with due diligence) the dogs are pretty good. Jack and Mary often came over to tell us how great the dogs were and that they never heard them. As they were leaving Mary said to me that I should give lessons to people on how to walk their dogs and also keep them quiet. It was nice to hear, as we go to a lot of effort to make sure the dogs are good camping citizens. As a pack though, the dogs are not ragtag (unkempt) - we keep them well groomed and looking nice - we often get stopped by people wondering if they are show dogs.

Speaking of the dogs, today they really lucked out with some pigs feet. They are not for the faint of heart to feed as they really look like what they are - some poor pigs feet. They do a great job of cleaning the dogs teeth up and plus give a good hour or more of chewing pleasure. The funny thing - we saw the same thing at T & T for a much inflated price! We also saw the feet of a few other creatures - ducks and chickens to be precise. If we are going to be carnivores and kill other creatures for our food we should honor them by using every part.

My friend Cynthia told me about this website - it has all kinds of crazy results from mobile device Auto Correct feature. Its quite hilarious although a bit naughty - someone who set up these features had a wicked, rude sense of humor. I've been reading a few pages every morning.

(Idle) pleasures today: waking up to a sunny morning - this will never fail to bring a smile to my face and a rush of good feeling ; warm homemade biscuit with jam and a cup of tea ; going to the abattoir and getting a good deal on pigs feet ; watching the snow guy go up and down the laneway with his giant snowblower/tractor ; watching the setting sun highlight the sides of the drifts, turning the snow from blinding white to soft pink.