Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Circuitous Route

See the summer view below
Today's word of the day is circuitous (ser-KYOO-uh-tus adjective 1: having a circular or winding course ; 2: not being forthright or direct in language or action). We headed out with the truck, dogs loaded in the backseat, for a little drive this afternoon. It was a warm (-5C), sunny day and the truck needed a bit of a drive, so we loaded the dogs into the backseat and headed out. Destination - Riverside Cedar. This is our favorite local park, its just a 40 minute drive away so weekend getaways with the camper are a breeze.

We leashed up the dogs and started our walk. The snow was blazing white with only a snowshoe track. As we got to the little bridge we veered away and broke our own fresh trail. It was very alien looking with the white blanket and no campers parked. It was a nice little interruption to our daily routine.

After we lugged ourselves back into the truck (did I mention that walking through snow is hard work?) we thought to take a more circuitous route back home but couldn't think of anywhere interesting. So, straight home we went to a snack of lentil cakes with spicy cooked apple, pear, and roasted red pepper toppings. The dogs crashed out.

My pleasures today: having a nice walk in the sunshine (when the dogs weren't pulling on their leashes - more on that some other day) ; reading in bed in the afternoon (again!) ; getting the reservations all mapped out for the Parks of St Lawrence campgrounds. Reservations start on March 2nd so we'll be at our computers ready to make those bookings. The winter is passing at blinding speed. ; oh yeah one other pleasure - noticing that it was 5:21 and STILL LIGHT!

What wasn't a pleasure? Dogs pulling on their leashes in their excitement to be "camping" and sleeping on the spare bed which might in fact be a boulder and not a mattress at all...

the snowy picture with Carm was almost right in front of
this site

and this site.

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