Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Plaguey Snow and Ice

We had to go into town this morning for some blood work. It required a 12 hour fast, so we went in early and ended up at the tail end of rush hour. We were so glad that this is not a daily thing for us anymore! After the blood letting, we headed to a restaurant for breakfast - unfortunately the Belgian waffle that I got had a weird sour taste but since I don't get them very often I thought maybe it was supposed to be that way? Finally I couldn't take another bite, it was just so horrible so I told the waitress who brought me 2 huge pancakes instead. I now have a big, heavy lump in my stomach that may never go away. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the waffle just tasted bad and isn't going to make me sick...

It will be summer again... It will be summer
again... It will be summer again
It's really cold and windy today, with just the odd sunny break - not pleasant at all, not even for the dogs who just had quick business outings - even they didn't want to linger.

Today's word of the day is plaguey (PLAY-ghee adjective - 1: causing irritation or annoyance : troublesome). As we drove into town this morning the plaguey snow and ice played havoc with the traffic.

My pleasures today: turning into the laneway after a trip to town - its nice to be home ; at the blood letting place, running into a acquaintance that I haven't seen for awhile ; noticing that it is still light at 5 pm!