Wednesday, January 19, 2011

7 Things That You Might Not Know About Me

Today's word of the day is snitty (SNIT-ee adjective - disagreeably ill-tempered). I am happy to say that at the three week mark (today!) there has been no/zero/nada snittiness at our house. We haven't gotten on each other's nerves at all and in fact are getting along even better than usual. Could the reduction of daily stress be making us more agreeable?

Writing down 7 things that you might not know about me was a challenge on another blog. It sounds like fun so I'll give it a shot.

1. I failed English twice when I was in high school. I just couldn't write essays. I hated writing. You couldn't have paid me to write - especially in my spare time - FOR FUN!  I think I got caught up in the neatness of the writing so had to write everything perfectly the first time. This was way before the time of pc's. Now it's a fun challenge that I enjoy very much.

Yes, those are Kabira's legs - she was
just too darn fast for the
2. A few years ago I liked to Tole Paint or Folk Art paint. I haven't done it for years but hope to get back to it now that I have more time. I'm not sure what I'll paint but I'd like to get the camper redecorated to be more of a French country or cottage look so the first pieces will be along those lines.

3. I used to breed parrots. We had Blue & Gold Macaws, African Grey Congos and Timnehs, and Eclectus. I had to re-home the last of the breeder birds a few years ago due to health issues. I miss them like crazy and still can't think (or write) about them without crying.

4. My hair is still its natural colour and does have a few grey strands. They are hard to see though as they blend in with my lighter coloured hair. I did dye my hair twice - the first time by accident. It was after having a perm my friend and I decided to put food colouring in our hair and tell our boyfriends we had dyed it. I put mostly pink with one bit in the back green. Guess what - it didn't wash out and I was left with faintly pink hair for ages. The second time I dyed it red for my 30th birthday. It was fun to be a red head for a while!

5. I once fed a live rat to a boa constrictor. My sister was looking after her boyfriends snake while he went off to college. It was a huge snake that only had to be fed once a month or so. She was too chicken to feed it so I was the sucker. We went off to the pet store and picked out a rat, then I carried the box home in my lap. Before we fed the snake, Kirsten brought it out so we could look at it. As it was slithering over to me I remembered about the rat sitting on my lap so I got out of the way. Kirsten put it back in its terrarium and left the room. I had to stick the rat in with the snake and wait until it caught, killed and started eating the poor meal. The idea was that if the snake got a bad hold, I would somehow release its grasp from the rat and give it another chance to make a better grab. Huh! Thank goodness the snake knew what it was doing and everything went smoothly. I'm not certain that I had what it took to adjust things if it hadn't.

6. I have a tap in the living room for cleaning out Grace's cage area. It feels weird to use a hose in the living room.

7. I used to ride a motorcycle. I bought it when I was 19 years old and kept it for a few years. It was a Suzuki GN400. Just a little guy but oh how I loved it. The first time I sat on it in the show room I knew I had to have it. It was like it was made for me, it just fit like a glove. I loved riding up somewhere, taking off my helmet and shaking out my long blonde hair. Guys eyeballs would pop out. Back then it was the rare time you'd see a woman on a bike as the driver. It was one of the last kick start bikes - it was just so satisfying to start - it felt so motorcycle.