Sunday, January 23, 2011


The word today is adversary (AD-ver-sair-ee noun : one that contends with, opposes, or resists : enemy). My adversary today is fatigue, a slight queasy stomach which was difficult to overcome (but not impossible - a cup of coffee and some leftover salmon/cream cheese roll did the trick). Too late a night and perhaps one glass two many of wine.

Last night turned out pretty well. We had a pretty good turnout (32) - not the biggest party ever, but a good size to ease back into the entertaining groove. It was great to see people that we haven't seen for a while, however a party setting is not ideal for having a good conversation - too many people and too much to do. We have tons of leftovers - I can't believe that the nacho chips didn't get all eaten - I think maybe we got the hot salsa instead of the mild. We have lots of spreads and pita leftover - they'll be good for lunches so I'll freeze some of them in little tubs. The biggest hit - hot Italian sausage and the Italian meatballs. The chili is almost all gone, as is the Lentil Curry with Squash and Cashews (recipe in another post).

After the cleanup (all those wine glasses!) we just relaxed, read, napped and rested our weary legs for the rest of the day. Even the dogs are bagged from the late night and from being admired by all those people. Spike was so excited and wiggled his way around the room saying hi to everyone. He was especially excited to see Jo Ellen - one of his favorite friends from his working days. Even Kabira did well with all the people and she's quite shy.

My idle pleasure today - the most notable was a hot bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon with the sun streaming into the tub. Oh my aching muscles... I really am getting old!