Monday, January 24, 2011

Connect the Kinect

Last night it got down to -28C - burr burr burr. That's one night that I didn't miss going out to feed the horses. Although there is something beautiful about the rawness of nature and the crisp, clearness of the sky on a cold night. The sky would be ablaze with stars, almost as if they were magnified by the coldness of the air. The sound of our boots on the snow, the horses munching and the fluffy warmness of their coats enhanced the experience of the brutal night. The horses never seemed to mind the cold, they didn't seem to mind the icicles hanging from their noses - as long as there was no wind. Of course they loved the extra hay to help them stay warm - the fjords lived to eat! And since they are a nordic breed they grew hair coats to match the season. I do miss them.

Today's word of the day is telegenic (tel-uh-JEN-ik adjective : well-suited to the medium of television; especially : having an appearance and manner that are markedly attractive to television viewers). I've only known one TV personality - Stephanie Beaumont. She is a good friend of my sister's from university. Stephanie hosted a segment on the A channel in Ottawa and roomed with my parents while she was here. Now she's back out east and is a co-host of Breakfast Television on A-Atlantic and also hosts , a website that promotes the Atlantic provinces. She is just a wee thing but her bubbly, lovely personality fills a room. She is most certainly telegenic.

This afternoon a friend that I haven't seen for ages was over for a tea. It was nice to catch up with her and find out what's going on with their family. Their oldest girl just turned 18 - it seems like just yesterday that Margot was pregnant with her. How time flies!

Then the rest of the afternoon was spent setting up the new pvr and yes, finally, the kinect. We spent a little while playing some adventure games that came with it, surprisingly getting a bit hot and sweaty in the process. That's the whole idea though isn't it. I think we will have fun with this!